Gwynneth Green poet and lyricist extraordinaire, her poetry and lyrical background are gifts from her grandfather, Bud Green

a poets playground

freedom of flight

you roped me in
with your persuasive words
trying to tether me
to your ways

yet my bright colors
stilled filled the sky
at sunset
on sunrise

though motionless i felt
the freedom of flight

ropes & lines
could never quell
my passion


she a symbol
of powerful elegance

plows through blockages
her tower of strength
resides within

as the mistress
of sophistication

guides her herd
with firm light steps
she of style and grace
spots those
in a weakened state

for a loved soul

like light rain drops
gently dancing on a calm pond
the mood
the room
with love
and even bits
of laughter
hung out in the corners
with distant memories
that now were viewed
up close

streaming upon wake

my head
feels heavier
than most days
lifting off the pillow
a strain
sending an uncomfortable feeling
down the spine
rolling over
no relief
falling back to
a dream-state
the answer
limbs won’t move
eyes won’t focus
head is leaning

a poets notes