Gwynneth Green poet and lyricist extraordinaire, her poetry and lyrical background are gifts from her grandfather, Bud Green

a poets playground

girlfriend’s bash

ok girls
it’s time
to take out the brooms
not to fly around the room
i’m not talking witches
i’m talking to all the bitches
my girlfriends galore

time’s a wasting
sweep the dust under the mat
put on a scarf
and maybe



thank god it’s friday
are you going to
wish away everyday
just to get here
and really what is so special
you have nothing new
on your plate
you forgot to make a date
with that wild thing
you were thinking
……………….. a


good day

good day
i hope it will be
or has been
depending upon when you read
the text

just wanted
to let you know
i broke my toe
the cat expired 5 hours ago
while i was in the shower
trying to rinse off
the last

i didn’t get to say goodbye

i didn’t get to say goodbye
you left too soon
tore a part of my heart out
leaving me
with bare memories
stripping the walls
that once housed
and happiness

all i wanted was
one more moment
to see things
as they were

a bite

i dangled my heart
…………………………in front of you

you didn’t take
a nibble
you took a bite

my life
suddenly turned
inside out
couldn’t scream
couldn’t shout
the emotions
dripped from my skin
your eyes laughed
my painted toes danced

a poets notes