Gwynneth Green poet and lyricist extraordinaire, her poetry and lyrical background are gifts from her grandfather, Bud Green

a poets playground

harvest moon meditation

did you listen

did you plant
the seeds
of your intentions

did you coddle
did you care

did you practice
did you prepare

did you learn
to forget
did you learn
to forgive

did you realize

a hug

she wrapped
her arms around him
as if never to let go

her small frailness
hugging with the full weight
of her heart

and he
felt the necessity
to be stronger
at this moment
of her need

sang a simple melody

you too

earth goddess

our tribal princess
connecting all beings
with her spiritual thread
creating strength
with invisible bonds that never break

continually repairing
and reinforcing the web
tending and minding
for this is life’s womb

she the weaver of dreams
she the weaver of

your empty space

if you wander
deep enough
into the forest
you might find
an empty space

a place
that doesn’t need filling
a place
to embrace
the forest surrounding
a place
to let woes
flow softly away
for the trees
will gladly

something simple

all i asked for
was a grilled cheese sandwich
something simple
like me
nothing complicated
& confusing
like jane
who is anything
but plain

who’s idea was that

could use a drink
an aphrodisiac
should come
with a warning label

friends never leave

i woke this day
feeling wasn’t ended
only suspended
………………….in time
for this place
is merely mine

hurt fades
tears evaporate
hearts mend
one’s strength
never breaks ………only bends

if life’s luster
musters fears

find me
for friends

a poets notes