Gwynneth Green poet and lyricist extraordinaire, her poetry and lyrical background are gifts from her grandfather, Bud Green

a poets playground

your story

you told me a story once
it unfolded
with a perfect plan
each page read the same
even though
the pages continued to turn

to someone else
it might be a bit absurd

you laughed a little
so did i
making light
of flowers

nature’s gift

forging ahead
through the sweet-smelling thicket
the sounds of silence
your friend

no longer exist
to change
flows far
oft in the distance
the wind
sings through the trees
a lullaby made of reveries

no longer
a weary wanderer

the woods siren’s song

how tempting indeed
best to heed
the woods siren’s song


there is that moment
when you realize
you don’t need to be
on the other side of the fence
though it might seem to be calling
with promises of splendor
with a life that you could

being present

your turn
to test the waters
it might be deep
yet it is calm
it might be hazy
is crystal clear

one can take the bridge
dangling feet
into the mist
while awaiting
for it to dissipate
the leaves

letting go – chakra cleanse

the blocks
the stress

find your pathway
to freedom
get up and dance
shake your head
your shoulders
arms & hands
wiggle your butt
if you can
jiggle your legs
wiggle your toes

you’ve cleaned
your extremities


harvest moon meditation

did you listen

did you plant
the seeds
of your intentions

did you coddle
did you care

did you practice
did you prepare

did you learn
to forget
did you learn
to forgive

did you realize

a poets notes