alternative avenues

let me reflect

left me reflect on yesterday
peel the scars
like little bandages stuck to the skin
finding a breath
that doesn’t
leave me unsettled
let me release
the demons
that enter my head
drive me insane
but i’m not crazy
i’m not crazy


you said goodbye

i thought i would curl up
and die
like a withered leaf
hanging on till
a gust blew it
far from sight

i see daylight
in the distance
it is always a breath of hope
that i can cope
without you at my

it was home

she couldn’t escape
her fate
was sealed
in a room
made of brick and steel

the room
had a window
a door
felt like a tower
she was stuck
between floors

a baby crying
all night long
daily noises of

bottomless pit

a bottomless pit
of breath and clarity
a bottomless pit
of reflections

the addictions
the contradictions
the attractions
the abstract
the construed

less confusing
when broken into pieces
sink to the bottom
and the elucidations

winter’s breath

winter’s breath
a taste upon the air

with wisps of white
feely floating

a chill

not so cold
to make one shiver

knowing that warmth
be fireside

a bite

not so bruising
to make one quiver