alternative avenues

house beautiful

was it a dream
or a memory

she said she’d never leave
a grand dame
in need of a palace

you were
to her
everyone who went by
couldn’t help
but stop and take in your beauty

she cared for you
more than the kids

clock’s a ticking toward summer

was it a lust for living
or lustful living
that drove the desire
the want for a man
or a woman
bent on breaking boredom

with lips painted red
and hips swaying
she will knock’um dead
on arrival

she reminded me
of someone


the idea
couldn’t flow
it was entangled
in a web of axons

it was stuck
the synapses
refused to

led to
mental malaise

it is there
it is there
on the tip
of my tongue

her eyes

her eyes
stared at me
blinding my sight

the intensity
the concentration
drew me in

no verbal discourse needed
her eyes
to her intentions

slightly mysterious
captivating me

wanting more

oh………for the fantasies
that formed

to place a kiss

live wires

a current
an electric thought
through miles of twisted wires

it’s meaning didn’t bend
though the endless web

a communicative feat
a message
in the raw
with no additional
to confuse
the purity of the meaning

straight & forward

1030 better than a park bench

it was a home
away from home
a place
a rest stop
between roams
slightly stable
even though
the floors creaked
and the walls
seeped in tales
that no one knew
and the new
would be trash talk
when there was nothing