evocative muse

a breath away

on the road
in the direction
of positive reflection

the mind freed
of unnecessary pondering
the answer to
no longer claiming time

the breeze
at one’s back
the sun
on one’s face
nothing replaces
the peacefulness
of coming to terms

forge forward

your road
might be obstacle filled

your path
might be tougher

is your name
it is burned
in your soul

is tattooed
to your core

is your emblem
worn on your chest

you have chosen
your direction

forge forward



she wakes
in the middle of the night
flight calling her name
wisdom her kingdom
enlightenment her mission

flying silently
time tucked within her wings
spreading serenity
as the sand slips through the hourglass
of life

wakening those
with her voice
to recognize

night warrior

the night warrior
darkness your friend
living in dreams
born under the moon

the spirits of change
in flight to enlighten
those who understand
is not to be feared

our voices call out

reach beyond
the horizon
reach for the stars

be open

today it isn’t
tomorrow isn’t either
not all days
are about you

stand in line
the one
the universe
claims the time

you don’t get to choose
only hope and trust
that when
it’s your moment
your mind
is open

not closed

dream of me

won’t you dream
of me
when your eyes close

when you go
to that place
that no one knows

where reality changes
and silent slumber begins

won’t you dream
of me
out of memories

of days we spent
seeking shelter
from sudden storms

laying naked