don’t push the panic button

are you feeling crazed
a bit enraged
don’t get caught
in the stampede

is there really a need
for stocking up
on supplies
that otherwise
you’ve never done before

try to find calm
it’s down the aisle
where lost hope
is found

whimsy might
not quell your fears
but honestly dears
stay home
stay safe
clean and organize
the mess
you’ve put off
for so long
and sing
even off key
your favorite songs

don’t cave
to cabin fever
go out and stretch
there is still fresh air
to breathe
and it is free

is the enemy
don’t surrender
don’t concede
panic is the enemy

One comment on “don’t push the panic button

  1. Katherine L. Shultz on

    Thank you..different forums sharing common feelings and thoughts in different ways lighting the path with heartfelt truths❤Katherine L. Shultz


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