let me reflect


limited edition (10 prints available)

photo-musing printed on metal featuring poem

let me reflect on yesterday
peel the scars
like bandages stuck to the skin
finding a breath
that doesn’t
leave me unsettled
let me release
the demons
that enter my head
drive me insane
but i’m not crazy
i’m not crazy
i’m not crazy

sometimes on the fringe
of uneased fluster
but i’m not crazy

let me reflect
on the magnitude of strength
it takes
to wake each day
and throw away the upheavals
of the past
no longer lingering on self-inflicted pain

let me reflect
not every road
had the wrong turn
but miles upon miles
burned my soles
there were no benches to rest
no trees to shelter
i walked for years
in the wind, rain and snow
till the sun rose
and heated my soul

to breathe
to hear
to taste
to see

it led to this place

to live today

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8×12, 11×17