You and I Haiku

Do you do haiku?
If you don’t it’s time to take the haiku challenge.
Once a week I’ll post the first 2 lines and possibly part of the third
your task to finish it!
Just write your words what ever it takes to make the final 5 in the comment box


I’m doomed! There is a time-bomb ticking inside of me.
Don’t know what day, hour or minute it will strike but I don’t believe I have an escape.
Spent Monday with Christel & Grace – a happy and fun day. Tuesday morning I received a text. Grace was hit with the stomach flu

Let the sun shine in!!!

It’s still winter but the sun seems brighter. Days are getting longer, which I personally love. Even with a bout of cabin fever, I know Spring is getting nearer. Yet with all this lovely sun shinning through my windows……… aaaaaaa………the windows have that winter film and streaks! I don’t know about you but I really

I know you can!

For those of you who are not aware, I am a Reiki Master.
I work with healing energy on a daily basis, helping balance others. There are many techniques and I shall share some at various times. All are tied to simple meditations, even for those who think they can’t meditate – be like

Waiting for Roxy

Is this winter’s wonderland?
An Arctic blast that has most of us trapped inside.
My poor Bella can’t get outside till I shovel a path and uncover a patch of grass.
This snow is deeper than her legs. As she stands out on her patch looking over a sea of white, wishing

gingko anyone?

I don’t know about you but
some days it is hard to remember things.
It’s not about forgetting – it’s about not recollecting.
If you’ve forgotten then it’s gone – wiped clear of the memory
Probably don’t need to remember it anyway
Regardless of all of that, don’t waste a