Christmas Countdown

4 weeks to go
better pick up the pace
last week’s turkey was delicious
but now for the rat race
did you prepare a list
not the one
of good boys and bad girls
a list
the list
so, no one is missed

left in a place for safe keeping
well that doesn’t help
as one can’t remember
which drawer or shelf

3 weeks to go
no sign of snow
kind of takes the jingle out
put some Christmas tunes on
how about
get the ingredients out
cookie making time is here
where oh where are
all those recipes dear

2 weeks
that’s 14 days
have you shopped
or are you just partying away

7 days
oh me oh my
the Holiday is almost here
dear – yes I’m calling you dear
you won’t listen or hear
the lights haven’t been hung
the tree hasn’t been trimmed
it’s the count down
so dear
please put down the beer

and now
tis the eve of Christmas
put out milk & cookies for Claus
tuck in those little ones
who can’t wait for morn
sit down
look around
count your blessings
and smile

remembering those days
when you couldn’t wait
to open that wonderful surprise
left by
dear old Santa himself

now get off of your butt
you’re not done yet
there are presents to wrap
and things to assemble
you know
some part will be missing
so bring your ingenuity

hold on a moment did you hear it too

Happy Holidays to all
and to all a good night!!!!

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