“empowering poems” – back cover

“It’s hard to imagine any emotion – or human situation, for that matter – that Gwynneth Green hasn’t captured poetically in her new collection “empowering poems”. Take “Standing on the edge,” where fear, trust and hope intersect in a sweet flow of images. Contrast that to “Believe,” in which Gwyn tickles you with her observations about alcohol and social clarity. These are poems that not only validate our experiences but also take us a step further to new insights and sensations.

That process is prized in my line of work. I’ve recommended Gwynneth’s books to my clients, all of whom who have made connections to her poetry. In their busy and often stressful lives, they have regarded Gwynneth’s writings as a refuge.

That’s the real gift of poetry: in the time it takes to pour a relaxing drink and head for your favorite chair, you can experience a world of comfort, humor, challenge, sadness, power and hope through Gwynneth’s words. But please…linger on them, stay there for a while and enjoy “empowering poems.”
Seth Ersner-Hershfield, Ph. D., Clinical Psychologist