good riddance

you were like
a bad cold that lingered
didn’t ask you to stay
but you wouldn’t go away

hacking & coughing
all night long
to dislodge that
and be free
of your disease

the aches and pains
of a relationship gone
from bad to worse

feeling cursed with an ailment
that should be shaken
with a few meds

it lingered longer
than expected

causing a headache
that wiped out dreams
every wakening hour
was nightmarish
watching the clock waiting for dark
to take over day

with the thought of waking on the morrow
would be gone away

just long enough
to let suffering
make sense

to make one aware
that the remedy
is time
no matter how many vitamins
are swallowed
they must be digested

then in an act of purgation
elimination is the cure

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