photo by: Doug Rudnik Photography

hello darkness

hello darkness
you were my friend
when light was unable
to finds it’s way

you comforted me
with a blanket of black
you consoled me
with crocheted wrap
of twilight dust
you encompassed me
like a lover enveloping
the daylight
turning it to black

you played
“the sound of silence”
over & over
till my ears were numb
and my brain had succumbed
to a soundless void
there was no fight
no struggle
all conflicts subsided

you let me bury my head
you let me shed tears
you let me quiver uncontrollably

and then
you let me go

are you calling my name
once more
i’ll refrain from responding

for my light
might have been hidden
but it never dimmed
it survived the night
it endured the dark
you understood
when i did not

thank you darkness
for being …………… friend

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