photo: Doug Rudnik Photography

holiday musing

bring together your
family & friends
remind each and everyone
of them

tis the season
to hang holly
be jolly
& merry too

trim a tree
with red & green bows
light candles for all of those
while waiting for a snow to fall
while waiting for Santa Claus

children of all ages
that includes you
put down your list
of wishes & hopes
you dream to come true

in this time of yearly bliss
giving is the gift

asking for little
giving much more
there is no cost incurred
dig into your heart
uncovering & discovering
an abundance of care
share a slice
an effortless act
spreading smiles
mirth & merriment

the irresistible wave
of love fill the air

now let us all
take a moment
in silent prayer
peace on earth
goodwill toward women & men

One comment on “holiday musing

  1. Kenneth Anderson on

    I’ve always enjoyed your wonderful work and am looking forward to the new year and your new publications. I’m going to start buying a few extras for Christmas presents next year and who knows, I might even have one of my own out there struggling to be read. LOL Many Blessings dear friend. This piece really brought some wonderful feelings home and some memories as well. Dakota Friend who walks softly


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