new year

is this new year
any different than the last
only in days spent
blissful , bright & content
shedding those
distressed, dysphoric wrapped in lament

take into toll
people who’ve crossed your path
asking, wanting nothing
other than sharing……..
in the moments of disorder & confusion
letting others form the solution
not asking……… why
why not
letting go of fears
and fearing not
for the support of friendships
are the rock
cornerstone of your soul
staring at & sharing truths
whether bold, old or new
the ties between you and i
the tie between the earth & sky
no secret to
universal trust

so it’s the new year
time for a toast
whether beer, bubbly or wine
raise your glass with mine
let’s make sure we savor & make the most
of each new day
creating memories that shall last
take on this new year
make it a blast….