Photo: Doug Rudnik Photography

this…… a place

a place
of rest
a place
to undress
your thoughts
your worries
your concerns

a place
where fears
frustrations & failures
are shattered
a place
of friendship
of companionship

a place
where ships
don’t collide
they tie together
to weather the storms
a place
where young & old unite
no fighting or conflict
they exist
with hands held out to help
and arms hug in enduring love

a place
where minutes aren’t counted
a place
where hours & days are spent
absorbing energy
from the ripples upon the sea

a place
where the feeling of flight
& escape
are grounded
the place
where vigor & vitality
find tranquility

a place
where when one closes
their eyes
they see more clearly

a place
where the universe
reaches out
and silently speaks

One comment on “this…… a place

  1. Kleine Beyers on

    Fantastic Gwynneth!
    I feel it describes very much how I want folks to see and feel about The VT Tribe as well!!
    Perhaps we can re-work it with Von Tai Photography’s current profile pic to suit The Tribe?
    Or can you publish this one as is to The VT Tribe and dedicate it to The Tribe?
    Friendly greetings


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