two sips

only 2 sips left
in the glass
only 2 sips
and you still asked
why must you leave

you sneezed
one more time
too close to her wine

wiping a tear
from her eye
it was really easy
to say………….. goodbye

and by the way dear
that tear
had nothing to do with you
it was the raw onions
on the plate

her state of mind
is clear
she – feels kinda
it’s a reaction
to the law of dis- attraction

how many times
must one hear
it’s not you
your terrific dear
or sweetie
it’s me

pleeeese…………. be honest
you’re looking for
a get out of jail card
to be free

hey bartender
she cries
pour me another glass of red wine
i’ll sip it
at the bar’s other end

that one
is now
dead to me