1 nation

oh say can you see
down the street
the mayhem
that shouldn’t be

through the dawns early light
put down
your weapons
we were not meant
to fight

what proudly we hail’d
our rights to be free
to love one another
let us not fail

at the twilight’s last gleaming
don’t pull your shades
when darkness descends
time to bring reality
to what we’ve been dreaming

whose broad stripes and bright stars
are what define us
as a nation
and who we are

through the perilous fight
working together
rather than blaming the other
of the wrongs
let’s work to make things rights

stand today
for your freedom
stand together
our differences make us stronger
our likenesses bind
may we strive
for peaceful solutions
may we sing

1 nation
under 1 god
let’s bow our heads
a prayer
for peace

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