a simplistic meditation

empty your thoughts
with the waves
create a void
drain your brain
……………….of extraneous noise


no concentration
no attention
undo focus


let nature

a simplistic meditation

to comfort one’s core


let your senses
be stimulated
by the sea


be free to feel
the salt caressing
every pore
with closed eyes
vision is clear
the only sound
you hear
is the song of the sea
creating the
tempo of one’s breath


the moment
of this void

a stress-less place
altering attitudes
changing moods


a simplistic meditation
to comfort one’s core



2 comments on “a simplistic meditation

  1. Sandy Ray on

    Gorgeous! EXACTLY what I needed today. I just thought yesterday…..”Gwynneth is due to post something on here, and one day later, the perfect poem appears!! You are amazing dear, and this particular poem speaks to me incredibly. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and comforting my soul continually. Very beautiful you are, inside and out!! <3


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