photo © Doug Rudnik

clock’s a ticking toward summer

was it a lust for living
or lustful living
that drove the desire
the want for a man
or a woman
bent on breaking boredom

with lips painted red
and hips swaying
she will knock’um dead
on arrival

she reminded me
of someone
you wanted to be
long ago
well………. you know

your clothes
got tight
wasn’t a great look
you took to wearing a moomoo
choosing chocolate
over fashion

then there
was that bout
of language
ladies just don’t use
your foul mouth
was set loose
even hurt
the ears
of the garbage mouthed men

when asked to clean up your act
you took a very long bath
we thought you might have drowned

no sorrows of yours
went down the drain
you remained firm
in a belief
that any amount of alcohol
was the tonic
of survival

was it really terrible news
when the doctor informed you
your liver
just ain’t happy anymore
and you broke the scale too

doc’s advice
take on lust for life


summer’s a coming
you don’t wanna be
confused with a
beached whale

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