photo by: Lori Pazos Falango

come on


come on………….

take a walk
with me


come on
take a walk
on this canopied path
the air filled
with lilac perfume


come on
there is no danger
around it’s bend
only a willow
weeping onto
the riverbed


come on
there is a
quiet spot
to rest your weariness
on a dreamily day


come on
there is no need
to speak
for nature’s silence resonates


come on
what is there
to ponder
let your mind
be free
let it wander
and relish spontaneity


come on
let the past go
let the future wait
take this moment
take a step
……………. be


come on
take a walk
with me



3 comments on “come on

  1. gert flynn on

    beautiful words filled with the seasons thoughts . I have a small lilac bush in my garden and it has bloomed for the first time this year so and it reminds me of my school days .we walked to school each day about one mile plus and there was many lovely things to see including a beautiful lilac bush .


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