photograph© Archna Singh


continue to reach
continue to stretch

continue to breathe
though difficult it may seem

the mind
in a void

the space
an abyss

not within grasp

a task
a test
not to lay down
and die

a wretchedness
losing hope
losing desire
to win

a landscape
the will
the want
to conquer
the pain

somewhere deep
this flesh
an amazing

the grit
of the soil
that holds these roots
are likewise
the rock
that anchors
one’s truth

one’s soul
finds beauty
finds resolve
in this desolate space

3 comments on “desolation

  1. D on

    I am 9 years on the sunny side of sanity. I remember the shadows cast by these trees and being devored by the darkness of desolate places. You describe it so well , G. I am grateful to be able to read this from the outside looking in. For any one on the inside, there is hope. There are miracles that happen every day, around every corner. Never stop looking for them.


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