I Win

On the afternoon 5 mile walk, (gotta get those 10,000 steps) my daughter and I came across a vehicle with an unusual license plate – TUF NREI. She tried to interpret it, thinking the NREI stood for “and REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.). Having no idea what the TUF was, she Goggled it to find it stood for a tournament of ultimate fighters. I didn’t relate to that being the answer to the license plate and suggested it could be initials. Her immediate response was
“What last name starts with an I” Without skipping a beat I replied “Ignatius” she burst out laughing claiming it was not even a word. “What’s an Ignatius?” Truly I did not remember exactly who he was. And really how did that pop into my head???? Of course upon returning home and the help of Goggle she found Saint Ignatius. Needless to say……. I win!!