opportunity knocks

no particular direction
to reflect upon

relying on
hit or miss

and miss is
more often than naught

a catastrophe
that didn’t wait to happen

unleashing tragedy
on everything in it’s path

and those stuck
knee high in the sludge

continue to ponder
on what if’s
and why
…………………why me
sounding like
a screeching owl
at midnight

through the dark
with arms outstretched
hoping upon hope
that you will be caught
in the updraft

landing on your feet
instead of your head

that creates
a horrific ache
that won’t leave
when you fall to bed

with the outcome
be discontent
if you wish

the ending
is up to you

step off
the road
………….of indecision
on to a path
of your choosing
it’s not coincidental
that you have a choice

a chance
to change

it is your dance
pick the music
hum the song

be open
opportunity knocks