Well it is official now I have been classified as a step-a-holic. Anyone else out there ready to admit to this classification. It really started innocently with the purchase of a Fitbit, one year ago. Just to get me on track to taking more steps in a day, shed a few pounds and boost my energy.
All of that happened, as I walked a few miles each day the pounds (almost 30) dropped off and yes, my metabolism woke up!
Now a year later I still wear one of my 3 Fitbits, depending upon the activity of the day. My weight has maintained, but now I am driven to walk more steps. It used to be 10,000 as the goal of the day. That is my base even on bad weather days. I now try to reach 20,000 a day weather permitting. I have a few secrets that I will share, as to how easily you too can hit your goal, whatever the #. First and foremost, you must get off that chair!!

So who wants to join my club The Step-a-holics!!!!