This Thanksgiving

this year
fill your plate with gratitude

it doesn’t matter
what faith you are
let’s say a prayer
of thanks
receiving is easy
but it’s the giving
that blesses us

seeking to help
rather than complain
giving support
rather than walking away

maybe you have a turkey
on the table
and maybe you don’t
that isn’t what counts most

it’s the gathering
of friends
of families
a gathering
of who ever you might be
around a table
laden with love

reflecting on
each other
sharing strengths
letting weakness slide
walking away from tearful times
rejoice together this day
and the next

this is a time for contagious compassion
this is the time to spread joy and cheer
this is the time of thanks
this is the time of giving

One comment on “This Thanksgiving

  1. Lou on

    A time of thanks- I am grateful for all the lovely words you generously share with us all. Blessings to you and your family at your gathering today.


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