Photo: © Doug Rudnik

Wednesday’s malaise

was it the wrong side of the bed
that started the day
as if your out of step
the feet seem to work
as you mull about
something ain’t right
not battling
a cold or flu
can’t say it’s the blues
something ain’t right
there’s a pile
of work to be done
not overwhelming
could possibly be pushed off
to another day
even understanding that
something ain’t right
the rest of the world seems fine
it’s not raining outside
the birds are singing
their morning tune
flowers are in bloom
but there is no smile
within you
something ain’t right
don’t want to talk
on the phone
don’t want to answer
don’t want to turn on
the internet or tube
something ain’t right

so stay
in your bed clothes
don’t answer the door
pour a cup of java
go sit out on your porch
there ain’t nothing wrong
with a
Wednesday’s malaise

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