a poets playground

look who’s smiling

there was an inkling
in the air
for those
in or out
of despair
to wake
decidedly different
to take on
a new
put on those old
rose colored glasses
the ones hidden
on the top

Wednesday’s malaise

was it the wrong side of the bed
that started the day
as if your out of step
the feet seem to work
as you mull about
something ain’t right
not battling
a cold or flu
can’t say it’s the blues

bff’s home

don’t you remember
your bff lived here

really dear
it wasn’t that long ago
though the
would not
lead you to believe so

does it depress
to see
her house
in abandonment
does it wipe
the wonderful

house beautiful

was it a dream
or a memory

she said she’d never leave
a grand dame
in need of a palace

you were
to her
everyone who went by
couldn’t help
but stop and take in your beauty

she cared for you
more than the kids


every shade of gray
was exposed
in the lack of sunlight

they stood tall
they stood strong
though the wind
howled through their limbs

they had lasted
decades of wear & tear
rooted tightly together
holding each other up

seasons that passed so fast

clock’s a ticking toward summer

was it a lust for living
or lustful living
that drove the desire
the want for a man
or a woman
bent on breaking boredom

with lips painted red
and hips swaying
she will knock’um dead
on arrival

she reminded me
of someone