a poets playground

your celebration

tis the season
of festivities
all join hands
giving thanks
to everything we have

it doesn’t matter
your faith
for we are all
the human race

your hearts
all beat in a metered time
your arms and legs



reach further than your limbs
reach further than your mind

beyond the horizon
beyond the moon
beyond the sun

into the unknown
into the universe

dissolving anxieties
dissolving restlessness

embracing the light
embracing the simplest task

do so – Super Moon

if you need to scream
do so
if you need to shriek
do so
if you need to squeal
do so
if you need to weep
do so

ride high
feeling on edge
whether it be bliss
or pain

Christmas Countdown

4 weeks to go
better pick up the pace
last week’s turkey was delicious
but now for the rat race
did you prepare a list
not the one
of good boys and bad girls
a list
the list
so, no one is missed

left in a

Thanksgiving Gratitude

may your cornucopia
be filled
with compassion

may it overflow
with empathy

may you always
take the time
to show gratitude

may you never
forget to say thank you

may you always
stay genuine

may you