mystical one

the cold of winter
never touches her heart

an internal fervor
is always ablaze
a passage for her way

she ascends
to spaces that
only spirits find
her colors
pay homage to those left behind

mystical bird
ne’er weighed down by her past

this…… a place

a place
of rest
a place
to undress
your thoughts
your worries
your concerns

a place
where fears
frustrations & failures
are shattered
a place
of friendship
of companionship

a place

intentional breath

her message was camouflaged
in the colorful leaves
her lessons were learned
from the language
of the trees
she spoke clearly
to those who believed


with intention
set your target
set your goal


with intention
when feeling frightened
when feeling alone



her name is Cosma

gliding in flight
a night lit
by an eclipsed golden moon
she discovered
the branch of insight
to rest
she slept
to the lullaby of resilience

feeding off
the berries
of trust
she found
a new lust
for life

the peacock’s gift

(for Dan)

she revealed herself
with words of wisdom
spreading joy
and knowledge

exposing self
to the universe
liberating her soul
to fly freely
those bound by restrictions
bringing harmonic peace
painting their spirits
to reflect upon
passing along courage & strength


she doesn’t sleep Monday nights
claims Tuesday she has
chores to be done
that was when she was 31
many moons ago
every Tuesday
or was it Thursday
sheets & towels
dust & vac
clean out the frig
there’s always
something smelling