backside of rain

the drip
the drop
a cascade
the backside of rain
filled with reversed rainbows
the clarity is unequaled
unifying upon contact
no pitter patter
no crack of thunder
though lightening fills the sky
it is the backside
that never dries
replenishing the air
with a warm dampness
softening those of toughest skin
lightening the heaviest of hearts
caressing saddened souls
vaporizing grief ridden nights

watching the backside
toward the drain
taking away pain
playing with mindless thoughts


the backside of rain


2 comments on “backside of rain

  1. Tara Epperson on

    The Backside of Rain really spoke to me today. I’ve always known those feelings and watched thru the streaming windows, but never had a name to call it and those thoughts. Now, thanks to you, I do!


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