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  1. gwynneth on

    i’ll make my own comment – just to show you all how easily it is done
    click on the entry – fill in the box – no website needed

    that piece was not entirely finished – to see/read it
    you must ask in a sweet demeanor

  2. Di on

    I am going to plagerize your style, my friend, to share a thought or 2

    cloudy skies
    sunny hearts
    binding ties from
    yesterday year
    out of the blue
    Tranquil Seas

  3. Di on

    Hello, poetess. Have not visited in a while and so I came to take a look see….perfect opener for a seasons work is what I would say if anyone asked….do I get to give an answer when there’s been no question?

  4. Harlee Cohn Mahmet on

    I’m sobbing. You are such a wonderful person, and such a gifted writer.
    Again, G-d bless you for such depth of caring.

  5. Harlee Cohn Mahmet on

    This piece gave me peace. Your words have the power to heal, bring courage and love back to life. Thank you for all you do to make life sweet again.

  6. Sally Adams on

    Love this one, Gwen. Very Buddhist-like. Everything changes; everything passes. Letting go allows us to open to the next moment.

  7. Seattle Slug on

    The Blue Moon
    lives simply, slowly beyond my gaze
    the fool within wants time to see,
    but a chaotic life
    won’t let it be.
    I grasp for a piece of a silent breeze
    while the world pulls back to show the
    roughened, bleeding knees.

  8. D. on

    I know Bud usually whispers in your ear, but I believe this is Campy. He came a callin’ last night and stayed around for awhile. Perfectly put from the poetress extraordinaire!

  9. Anthony R Monaco on

    I love your “Artist” piece and just shared it with a painter friend whose on a residency in Nice, FR, to offer inspiration.

    RE your passage:
    and seemingly uncaring
    of what anyone might think”

    In those words you express an insightful truth about the creative process.

    At recent show, at which I won a 3rd Place(he says, modestly), was approached by an art rep who commented (among other bad advice) that I’d sell more work if I didn’t do so many pieces about death, dying, and the like. I retorted that I don’t do it for the money and I will continue to create works that are important to me and touch as many viewers as possible. That’s my purpose.

    Keep up the good work. Anthony

  10. Barbara on

    This is by far the most beautiful holiday poem I have ever read. It is so moving….as I read it, I felt it, too. It lightens my heart and brings feelings of bliss. This shall be the official Christmas poem…you will write many, many more, but this one should be posted every single year. It’s truly a winner.

  11. Barbara on

    Each time I read it, I get the same reaction. It puts a smile on my face and sends waves of excitement through my body…..looking forward to “The Main Event”…Christmas! Ifeel like a kid….all tingley…..and so happy to be in theis moment, in this season. Thank you, Gwynneth. You always find a way to put words to “my” feelings. I love you.

  12. Barbara Wolfe on

    I can actually see the children lost on 12/14 dancing to your words in Heaven. They are the ones who are at peace now, while the rest of the world is left to try to understand and make sense of such unfathomable lose.

  13. Barbara Wolfe on

    You wrote this for me……..,I know because it is what I need to hear right this very minute. I AM NOT ALONE. Thanks, Gwynneth. I’m feeling better already.

  14. Lynda Fowles on

    After the year we have had with hurricanes & the aftermath, this is perfect!!It speaks to me & is the one true thing I needed today. Thank you my dear friend for writing exactly what we need.

  15. Kathleen Cowie on

    Great piece. I feel invigorated and plan to put forth a positive attitude in 2013…..only good thoughts & positive energy!!! Can you put this poem on my FB page. I’d like to share it.

  16. Kathy Keeney on

    your poem evokes such a powerful promise for peace and tranquility. It reminds me of moss-covered woods and trickling springs – things of nature that bring healing and harmony.
    Thank you for touching my soul.

  17. jo de leon on

    … listen , for me , it means that anyone can listen to my inner thoughts … just to simply or just maybe though everyone has different paths at least i could share my inner feelings … thank you for sharing this poem …

  18. D. on

    Love it. Reminds me of my childhood when I often spent hours pond-side with frogs and guppies. Brings back peaceful joyous memories.

  19. Tara Epperson on

    The Backside of Rain really spoke to me today. I’ve always known those feelings and watched thru the streaming windows, but never had a name to call it and those thoughts. Now, thanks to you, I do!

  20. Cathy Strike on

    Hi Gwynneth, i left a long post and didnt notice the fields above try

    This poem has touched me dearly, you see my dad and well my mom too both quoted the phase “Just Do IT” , long before it became as a
    They were the most kindest, caring, generous, loving people. They set a great example. This poem is a huge part of who I am. Thank you for inspring others. Cathy <3

  21. Paula Burke on

    Thank you G. Green for your beautiful words and inspiration. You came to me through Soulful Nature’s share(thank you SN, too!). You both bring beauty to our world

  22. Katie Johnson on

    I applaud your vision , and your placement of words that so perfectly bring the knowledge that in the screams of the storm their is a place of serene silence ~ you are amazing, – wish i could hug you Blessings for you to have continued success always

  23. Katie Johnson on

    Your words are like magic from darkness to a smile on my face ~ always a pleasure to wander through your mind

  24. Lynne Terry on

    Thank you for your beautiful poems and for sharing your soul with me! Have a beautiful day, Love and Hugs, Lynne

  25. Kenneth M Anderson on

    The verse was very gentle and reached into my head to draw out a subtle image. Something is being offered if you will only open your heart and soul for you will not see it with your eyes! I love your writing here youngun, it’s like I’m walking beside you while your heart is providing a guided tour and not a word being said! Dakota

  26. Kenneth M Anderson on

    I’ve read your poem several times and it grows on my mind even more each reading. I then look at each word and the doorway you open for it with the preceding verses. I love how you do that and now I do know why I fall withing its spell so quickly, I am a Cancer, a Moon Child! The moon affects and effects me to my sould and your writings, touch me as well. Dakota

  27. Florence Galbraith on

    The first of many beautiful poems she will. Inspire in you..
    …….for grace blessed this day…
    Words that went right to my heart…

  28. Kenneth M Anderson on

    Oh Insta Thamba (Bright Eyes) you are a wonder. What a fantastic gift for her to take with her through life. Make a copy in Old Script on Velum and have it sealed to the top of a Hope Chest for her later when she is ready for one. You’ve already given her your heart and later, something for her heart!!


  29. ~Paula on

    “with a simplistic mantra of peace”. merely a mood and son dance…”dark shall pass if you haven’t allowed it to attach”. Breathe! Thank You!!

  30. Zara Kershaw on

    Hi Gwyneth,
    I love these words. Enchanting. they took me away from the level of stress into Peace.
    Thank you, Regards, Zara

  31. ~Paula on

    This is the best reason to walk along the Oregon coast, the mist settles over my shoulders as I seek the “cleansing of wounds, the healing of hurts”
    I carry your words and find pleasure in the way they,
    do I say ‘force’,
    me to look inside.
    I wonder
    Who can write words
    this way
    unless they too, have felt
    This way
    Thank you<3

  32. Florence Galbraith on

    I will fill my vase with white fragrant flowers and ferns ..and all hearts that are hurting will find comfort between the petals.

  33. Kenneth (Dakota) Anderson on

    It is strange to find this writing with my first venture into us doing together. We were just talking about trust, faith and forgiveness. Hey, I will keep looking but I like this!! Dakota

  34. paula burke on

    Very nice <3
    I could set there and dip my feetor soak them as I
    Actually cleans my mind
    You never know how much
    one learns
    From a good soak
    or a quick dip
    Time is never wasted
    Thank you, Gwynneth!

  35. paula burke on

    Very nice <3
    I could set there and dip my feet or soak them as I
    Actually cleanse my mind
    You never know how much
    one learns
    From a good soak
    or a quick dip
    Time is never wasted
    Thank you, Gwynneth!

  36. Paula Burke on

    Ah, the words bring music to my ears/memory.
    Are you really from my era?
    Liverpool and the fab 4
    must have been your heartthrob 2
    Yeah, yeah, yeahI love you, too
    ! <3

  37. Suzanne on

    Oh!! Getting older and this is scary and destination, in a way , is unknown!!!So this poem is very touching for me. I love reading you and I laughed when you said that Soulful Nature might be found behind a tree! Thank you for your presence and Namaste!!Many many Blessings to you!! ~•✿♥ʚįɞ♥✿•~

  38. Kenneth M Anderson on

    Dearest Gwyn and any other this reaches! Thank you!! It just doesn’t seem to be enough but please know that there is so much love and caring going with that simple, “Thank You!” Many, many blessings!! Dakota/poet

  39. Tracie Whitmire on

    The best poet that speaks to your soul .love every. Eioqent

    Wod that speaks to me. .l know it truth because one soull speaks to another,

  40. Robert MacCollun on

    Hi Gwynneth, Well…you’ve done it again, another great poem with meaning and depth. Than-you for allowing me to read another wonderful piece of work. Have a great day!!

  41. Paula Burke on

    It has been awhile since I have found you and the joy you bring. This one and the haiku touch me. Reminding me that It’s all inside, where my answers are, not in the eyes, voice, actions of others Bless you

  42. D on

    Thanks for posting this G. I remember …. I remember the haunting pain and my climb from the hole I was in and your never ending presence of non-judge mental friendship.

  43. Lynda Fowles on

    This one speaks to me now. It is so important for healing diseases because it is a combo of mind, body & spirit. I read your poems and can feel your beautiful heart in your words. You are such a huge part of helping me cure my Cancer

  44. Elizabeth Burchill on

    This perfectly sums up the feeling of Christmas, just after you have survived it when missing a loved one. The hurtful silence when no one acknowledges your hurt, and you are the one constantly checking “how are you ?” So we “don’t go there” we struggle on. We wake up and we have survived!
    Today is a new day, so thank you Gwynneth xx

  45. David Cofrin on

    Thanks Gwynn. Have a great new year. Thought my phone was the problem on the first link. We are actually in Florida doth of St Augustibe only an hour away from where we met a mere 45 years ago!

  46. Katy on

    Love this poem Aunt Gwen keep creating 🙂 thanks for sending me this ! Accidentally corrected my name to Kath but it’s Katy 🙂

  47. Gulrukh Saeed on

    What a beautiful poem Gwynneth! Amen to your lovely thought, so well said! Happy New Year! God bless you and your loved ones always, amen! <3

  48. Sandy Ray on

    Hi dear Gwynneth!! This is another beautiful poem! I LOVE your poetry and writings!! Such a beautiful, talented gal you are! Thank you for sharing yourself and your writings with us as you do! I appreciate, more than you know, the messages you continue to send……awesome!

  49. Sandy Ray on

    Gorgeous! EXACTLY what I needed today. I just thought yesterday…..”Gwynneth is due to post something on here, and one day later, the perfect poem appears!! You are amazing dear, and this particular poem speaks to me incredibly. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and comforting my soul continually. Very beautiful you are, inside and out!! <3

  50. Paula Burke on

    I choose to be happy,
    But some days
    find ways
    To lower my emotions
    and chewing on the
    Old and New.
    I ‘chews’ the New

    Thanks for new thoughts to help me find my way back <3
    I love your words
    Your words are you
    Your words are me

  51. Sandy Ray on

    As always, a very lovely poem! You know, I have to tell you…..I never liked poetry…..until I met yours, Gwynneth! I love your messages, and the ease of reading them…..the ease of the flow…..they always fit just perfectly with what you are saying…..your message. You are one very talented lady and I am so thankful you have entered my life……You are beautiful inside and out! Thank you for this poem.

  52. Pamela White on

    Your words are so soft yet strong – as I work through the many changes in my life the past 3 months, I continue to find meaning for me in your works. In this one, it is the reminder to keep shoveling through the track – Thank you.

  53. Sandy Ray on

    Thank you so much for this poem Gwynneth! It says it all…..exactly how I feel!! You nailed it, as usual!! A wonderful poem that makes me appreciate my aloneness. I am alone by choice, and very happy and confident also. Another beautiful message from you, that certainly hits the mark spot on, my friend! Thank you!!

  54. Sandy Ray on

    Oh, I missed this one!! It’s lovely! Such good feelings come from reading this one! You inspire me with your gentle words of enthusiasm Gwynneth! Love this poem like I always love your messages! Thank you for yet another glorious poem!! <3 <3

  55. Elizabeth Burchill on

    I love ‘a blizzard’ , Thank you
    The best thing about your poems? I always finish reading them with a smile on my face.
    Love & light xx

  56. Elizabeth Burchill on

    Oh wow, this could be me!
    Blessings my lovely , I shall continue to wear my mask until it becomes reality !
    Love & light xx

  57. Cheryl Foster Charles on

    There are parts that are touching and compelling. I like! “Return to self….”
    Thank you Gwynneth.

  58. Sandy Ray on

    Hi Gwynneth! Thank you so much for posting this poem on my page! You are such a special special lady to me. I love everything about you and your beautiful messages! How kind of you to think of me today. My Mother would be so honored to know you did this!!! I am so blessed to have you in my life! No surprise, you are a gift from above! Thank you again, my dear friend! Love you!

  59. Karen Schlachter on

    This is going on my bedroom wall. I will read it every morning.
    maybe I should put it in the bathroom?
    Perhaps I will calligraphy it….

  60. gert flynn on

    beautiful words filled with the seasons thoughts . I have a small lilac bush in my garden and it has bloomed for the first time this year so and it reminds me of my school days .we walked to school each day about one mile plus and there was many lovely things to see including a beautiful lilac bush .

  61. Karen Schlachter on

    That read felt soft and warm like a comfy couch and a new book. It delighted me like a friend bringing me a cup of tea and a 2 Vienna Fingers cookies while I sit and read.

  62. Suzanne on

    Beautifully written Gwynneth .You made me realize that an abandoned place was once alive , filled with life and people!!! Things or people are not always what they seem from the outside!!

  63. Lou on

    The indomitable human spirit—suffering and resilience— great poem, really speaks to the image–also like Ellen’s photo—the eye fills in the lacuna with its missing parts—ruins are all about memory. Thanks for sharing this

  64. Lou Storey on

    the image and poem really speak to the passage of time and the legacy we all hope to leave–will our existence leave an indelible mark, or fade with each passing day? Some day we will all have “had a life”-and the reminders of that inevitability are foreshadowed all around us. Thanks for the poem (and the reminder).

  65. Suzanne on

    Oh!! Thank you soo much for the recipe!!! When I try it , will tell you how I enjoyed it !!! Merci!! Beaucoup!!!
    P.S. I miss Soulful Nature!!! 🙁

  66. Carmen on

    I read full moon this morning. Filled me with hope. I have been looking at my “stuff” and discarding all that does not bring me joy. I am rooted, I am conscious ,I am empowered I am truth…..

  67. Suzanne on

    Never thought of the last breath that way!!! Beautiful!! Thank you Gwynneth! Sorry for your loss!! ~•๑♥✿ʚįɞ✿♥๑•~

  68. Diane on

    Perfect. As you know this piece resonates with me personally. U R such a multi-faceted, creative and talented artist G. I appreciated the universality of your work. Your work always works!

  69. Mary Kathleen Johnson on

    Dearest Gwynneth this is marvelous, how soothingly true! I find in your words an understanding that comforts , a marvel , a wisdom ! Beautiful 🙂 thank you <3

  70. Lou Storey on

    Thanks for that poem Gwyn–I agree that it is like a blessing–one that I receive gratefully and will pass on to others (in the seasonal spirit of giving!)–have a warm, playful and meaningful time with your family.

  71. Patricia Barksdale on

    Thank you Gwynneth for sharing your poem on this Thanksgiving. I could hear your voice as I read each word. You’re so gifted and I am blessed to be among the friends that you have chosen to share your lyrics…


  72. Paula Burke on

    Beautiful, Gwynneth
    Thank you❤
    I so appreciate all you do
    for so many others
    I love how your words
    Are words of Love
    Thank you
    Love, Paula

  73. SUE BUERGER on

    Soo lovely and hopeful. I pray for them every minute must be miserable for them. Oh Lord the cleanup how do they find the energy.

  74. Suzanne on

    I love it Gwynneth. Thank you for the wonderful thought!! What ever it was…. where ever it is!!! Its like reading beautiful thoughts on the computer. They are there, beautiful and precious. Then you pass on to something else.And ….fffouit!! Its gone!! It was just a thought!! Hum!! Makes me think…….
    Have a nice day and nice thoughts!!!

  75. Diane Daly on

    Beautiful sentiments for the holiday, G! Also a beautiful photo from Doug. Your words speak to my soul, always. They humble me. I am so grateful to be able to call you friend. Enjoy your holiday, as we will ours. Hope to see you upon your return, my most talented and wise bardess!

  76. Darry Guli on

    Another super way to begin Thanksgiving. Thank you for starting our family tradition of reading your Thanksgiving themed poetry before our evening meal.

  77. Diane Daly on

    Perfect, G! It mirrors my feelings, stimulates my thoughts, and gives me pause to ponder your great gift! Give us more! And thank you Doug for the beautiful photo that elevates G’s work to other levels for me!

  78. Karen Schlachter on

    This feels like it was written in the morning and for the morning. I would like to add that we should stand and breath, reflect, plan and repair our Universe before stepping out into the new day.

  79. Kenneth Anderson on

    So very beautiful my friend!! You have such a wonderful way with word and touching people with those words! Thank you for your friendship for all these years, you are a special lady and friend!!

  80. Nicole Rigg on

    Dearest Gwyn, thank you for giving such a poetic voice to the soul of this divine piece of art which I’m honoured to have hanging in my home. This beautiful painting was lovingly painted for me by your beautiful niece and my darling friend Danielle. It was the very first in what became her I See You series, inspired by the very words she spoke to me upon gifting her creation to me on my birthday … “This is how I see you …” I’m deeply inspired and grateful by you both. With Love, Nicole Rigg

  81. Diane on

    Your piece perfectly captures the the painting’s entirety and gives us the perfect chant for our mediation. I can tell it was inspired by a caring and knowledgeable muse!

  82. Karen Schlachter on

    This poem drew me in . When I get up from my desk I will walk over to my bookcases and ask which friend would like to speak to me today.

  83. Kenneth Anderson on

    I’ve always enjoyed your wonderful work and am looking forward to the new year and your new publications. I’m going to start buying a few extras for Christmas presents next year and who knows, I might even have one of my own out there struggling to be read. LOL Many Blessings dear friend. This piece really brought some wonderful feelings home and some memories as well. Dakota Friend who walks softly

  84. Kenneth Anderson on

    I enjoy your words and how you work them together to bring your point to the front and not necessarily waiting till the end, but you give us a strong guide well before as to where you are going. I enjoyed this so much. Thank you my friend and blessings for a new Year!!!!!!

  85. Doug Rudnik on

    Excellent! Thank you, Gwynneth. I was thinking “paradise” when I took this photo on St. Catherine’s Island, Georgia. You’ve written a beautiful, and absolutely perfect poem!

  86. D on

    Beautiful sentiments, so elegantly put in black and white. You are forever the bard extraordinaire, the artist, the heart that speaks to our souls, the one who brings me to tears once more.

  87. anonymous on

    I love and adore this poem. It hits home in a sense for me. After even 10 years of being separated and divorced from a horribly controlling individual, to this day he still tries to dominate and control me… yet I have shielded myself, and like this wonderful parrot, have let my spirit soar and my colts shine!

  88. Kleine Beyers on

    Marvellous; beautiful again; thanks so much Gwynneth!
    I much enjoy Алексей | Alexey’s unique work, as well as your beautiful interpretation!
    I’m sure he’ll be very pleased to see, if he hasn’t yet!

  89. Archna singh on

    This is so beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. This is the first time someone has written a piece on one of my images. I love it. Your writing is very touching and very beautiful. Thank you for the honour. ❤️

  90. Kleine Beyers on

    Hi Gwynneth!!
    This is soooo awesome.
    It is really SUCH an honour to have you pen down these thoughts that came to you upon seeing my photo!!
    Thanks so much!

  91. Kleine Beyers on

    Fantastic Gwynneth!
    I feel it describes very much how I want folks to see and feel about The VT Tribe as well!!
    Perhaps we can re-work it with Von Tai Photography’s current profile pic to suit The Tribe?
    Or can you publish this one as is to The VT Tribe and dedicate it to The Tribe?
    Friendly greetings

  92. Suzanne Boyer Lalande on

    Oh!! Gwynneth ! How this poem hits home !! It is strange , in relation to this poem , two nights ago I dreamt that I was screaming loud , several times and for no apparent good reason ! I was just screaming as loud as I could and kinda enjoying it ! Like I was trying to make a point. And it felt good!! I have no idea what it was about!!! Your poem reminds me of it !! It is great as usual ! Thank you for your shining Light and the sharing of your heart in words!!•༺❀❀༻•

  93. Kleine Beyers on

    Great stuff again Gwynneth! For a moment there, I thought it to be my moon.. LOL
    You mustn’t forget that you are more than welcome to use a photograph of mine that might have inspired you, should you need to.
    The only very important thing is to ensure that the chosen photos carry my watermark, as many photographers’ appear on these pages, as you know.
    1. My Von Tai Photography Page —
    2. My Personal Profile —
    3. The VT Tribe —
    Friendly regards and keep up the great work!
    Kleine Beyers
    Von Tai Photography and The VT Tribe

  94. D on

    I am 9 years on the sunny side of sanity. I remember the shadows cast by these trees and being devored by the darkness of desolate places. You describe it so well , G. I am grateful to be able to read this from the outside looking in. For any one on the inside, there is hope. There are miracles that happen every day, around every corner. Never stop looking for them.

  95. D on

    Wow! My words do evaporate in July and evenstill. Does it matter? That’s a very deep question, G!

    Forever, provocative thought from my favorite bardess!

  96. Katherine L. Shultz on

    Thank you..different forums sharing common feelings and thoughts in different ways lighting the path with heartfelt truths❤Katherine L. Shultz

  97. Sue Farrar on

    Beautiful poem…so thoughtful and perfect for these days! The photo is lovely and so reflective! thanks for sharing your heart…Ihope there will be more. We need peaceful and hopeful thoughts now….

  98. Lou Storey on

    I love how your poem does an x-ray of the mountain, and gets right to the heart of the matter:

    “…though the landscape appears bare…your power, your magnitude, lay in the rock of your soul.”


  99. Lou on

    A time of thanks- I am grateful for all the lovely words you generously share with us all. Blessings to you and your family at your gathering today.

  100. Lou on

    Your poem is the perfect 2023 smile generator! Thank you for your generously given poetic positivity, both today and throughout the year.
    A new year of possibilities ahead, onward!

  101. Jim Humphries on

    You are a seriously talented lady! You words are dramatic, poignant and spiritually generated leaving serious residual benefit…of which I am a recipient. Thank you seems to hollow but it’s the best I have.